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Let's Get Your Watch Fixed

For many years  Timemeter has been providing high-level watch repair services. Our mission is to ensure that your watch looks, works, and feels great.

The firm does the various types of restorations and repairs for luxurious watch brands . We have parts in stock for a variety of watches, so all you need to do is to bring it to us and we will do the rest.

We offer the repair of Swiss watches. This includes a range of services on their repair and diagnosis. Our mission is to make the service of watches  accessible.

Our repairmen have thoroughly researched all of the details of Swiss watches and are ready to complete the work fast and with high quality.

Extra Services We Offer

  • Originality check. Only an expert can say if the watch is original and we do offer this service to our customers.
  • Strap replacement. We make straps for all of the watch models, of any complexity. Order of original watch straps.
  • Watch polishing. Gives a new look to the watches as if they are brand new.
  • Battery replacement. We only use certified Swiss batteries. After the battery is installed the watch gets tested on impermeability.

Our Procedure

  1. Inform us about the issue – call our center and describe your problem.
  2. Free diagnosis – our experts will diagnose the issue and offer a solution.
  3. Repair – after agreeing on the price and deadlines, our expert will embark on repairing the watch.
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Most frequent questions and answers

The amount of time it can take varies. Some fixes can be done within a day, some would need way more time than that. We would be able to provide a more accurate estimate in person.

We can fix watches of all brands ranging from Rolex to Cartier.